noviembre, 2018

24noviembre11:00UNITED INSTRUMENTS OF LUCILIN«Luxembourg Composition Academy: Concert de clôture» / The Neumünster Abbey Cultural Exchange Center, Luxembourg11:00 28 Rue Münster, 2160 Luxembourg, LuxembourgEvent Type :concierto


«Luxembourg Composition Academy: Concert de clôture»

24.11.2018 11:00, Neimënster

NACHO DE PAZ, direction musicale


«Rainy days» offers in collaboration with the Abbey of Neumünster and United Instruments of Lucilin the Luxembourg Composition Academy. Eight young composers from different countries work at the Abbey of Neumünster for one week together with the faculty Joanna Bailie and Franck Bedrossian (University of California- Berkeley) as well as with Lucilin in masterclasses and workshops. In the final concert Lucilin presents the new works written for the ensemble by the young composers.

Dans le cadre de « how does it feel? − rainy days 2018»